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We’re about 60 days off from the titanic showdown between our Apps and the Bayou Bengals of LSU. For some reason, I thought this to be an appropriate time to begin my blog (things are slow in the office). Allow me to introduce myself to the blogosphere:

  • I’m an Appalachian State graduate and proud defender of all things Appalachian.
  • I work in sports.
  • I witnessed the Miracle on the Mountain from the front row of Kidd Brewer and followed the goalpost to Sanford Mall. (I also saw my roommate get clocked by an associate AD for running on the field too soon).
  • I was in Chattanooga for the last two national titles (missed the first one due to a scheduling conflict – boo!)
  • I have blue eyes.
  • I’m planning on being in Baton Rouge to watch the Mountaineers against LSU.
  • I hate cold weather (yes, I know that Boone is cold).

More to come soon.



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