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Will three National Titles (and a Michigan win) be enough?

It happens almost every time I tell someone I graduated from App State. The conversation (if I’m talking to a sports fan) usually turns to the successes of our football team. “Hey, what a great win over Michigan!” Then a few other comments about our national titles and then they drop the bomb:

“So when are you moving up to the FBS?”

Simply to avoid a long, drawn-out explanation, I often just shake my head and say something like “Well, maybe soon. There’s been whispers, but nothing definite.”

No one really knows. There’s been a few comments here and there from members of the administration regarding a potential move, but no one has ever come out and publicly stated, “We’re going to move up and this is how it’s going to happen.”

Can we? Maybe. Should we? Maybe. Will we? Maybe. There’s definitely a few things that need to happen in Boone, NC before a move to the Football Bowl Subdivision of the NCAA.

Through this multi-post series, I’ll take a look at the issue and attempt to tackle some of the finer points. I honestly can’t say whether I want it to happen or not. My support depends on a lot of factors (I’ll lay those out later). Here’s an outline of what to expect in the upcoming posts:

The Now – This chapter will take a look at the current status of the Appalachian State athletic department and not just the football team. A move to the FBS will affect the entire sports program and any consideration of a move must take into account the total impact.

College Sports Landscape and a lot of “What Ifs”– What does it look like in college sports right now? Is this the best time for a move? What are possible scenarios for the Mountaineers to move up a notch?

The Pros – How will moving to FBS help App State Athletics? Better games? More money? Better players? I’ll talk about a few schools who are success stories when it comes to making the move.

The Cons – Would a move to the “big-time” hurt App State? See this chapter for a look at the programs that should have reconsidered a jump.

Final Thoughts – A final wrap-up of the issue. I’ll give you some insight into my thoughts, as a neutral and also a proud Appalachian alum.

Stay tuned.



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