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Season Guide to Go!Fight!WinApps!

So once we kick-off the season, what can you expect from this corner of the World Wide Web? Here’s a look at what you’ll get during football season on Go!Fight!WinApps!:

Monday: Weekend WrApp-Up will be a review of the previous game with links to game stories and other media of note relating to the Apps’ game.

Wednesday: The 411 will be a preview of Appalachian’s upcoming opponent with a look at stats, expectations and their season performance so far.

Thursday: FBS Picks. I work in athletics for an FBS school so I also have an interest (as I’m sure many of you do) in the FBS. I’ll highlight a few games of note and throw down some predictions.

Friday: App Thoughts will take a look at the upcoming game and I’ll offer some thoughts, opinions and possibly predictions.

As always, the standing rule around here is that suggestions are more than welcome. I’d love to hear your thoughts and comments to make this site as interactive as possible.



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