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App Thoughts: Jacksonville

There should really be no question as to whether or not Appalachian will win this game.  In an almost reverse of last week’s game, the Mountaineers have too much talent for Jacksonville to compete.  I fully expect this game to be a rout by halftime.

The real challenge will be picking up the players after what had to be a disheartening performance in Baton Rouge.  Granted, we did play much better in the second half.  Hopefully, our coaches and players have kept their heads up this week and realized that the season really starts on Saturday. 

On a different note, I really hope that our fan base hasn’t taken the LSU loss too hard and would rather us stop scheduling FBS teams.  I think the ability of our athletic department to schedule games with schools such as LSU, Michigan, Georgia, Virginia Tech and Florida is a benefit to our players.  It certainly is a positive for recruiting.  If a coach is recruiting a kid who is seriously considering the FCS level and he can tell that young player that in his four years, he’ll have the opportunity to play a game at some of the schools I just mentioned versus another FCS school that won’t schedule such games, I would think the kid would take us.  Secondly, what better way to blood young players than against the very best the nation has to offer.  If a player can hold his own against the defending BCS national champion, then who could he possibly fear at the FCS level?  I hope we continue to schedule these games (and not just for the financial benefit). 

Saturday Prediction: App 48, Jacksonville 3.


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App Thoughts: LSU

We’re a day away from the start of another Appalachian football season. Is it possible for our Mountaineers to top what they accomplished last year? There couldn’t be a bigger challenge for App than to open the season in Death Valley against the defending BCS National Champion LSU Tigers.

Ever since the announcement of this season-opening game, I’ve been asked by numerous people what I think is going to happen. Are we going to shock the world again and beat LSU? It’s tough to give them a real answer. People want you to call an upset and claim that the Mountaineers will pull off the unthinkable.

Honestly, I think LSU just has too much talent. No one can question the heart or determination of the Apps, but the strength, speed and power of the Tigers will be a lot to overcome.

With that being said, our coaches and our players don’t back down from a challenge. I don’t expect the environment at Death Valley or the name of the opponent to intimidate our team. Regardless of the final result, the Mountaineers are going to be able to leave Baton Rouge with their heads held high. Nobody is expecting us to win (at least, they shouldn’t be) and I think the national respect we’ve earned from the Michigan win and the three national titles will still be intact after the game.

I’ve seen that we are 23-point underdogs and I’ve seen several predictions from expert sources that say we’ll give up 40-some points and only score about 14. Obviously, I’m biased but the one consistent thing I’ve told everyone who has asked me about the game is that we should cover the spread. I think a strong performance from Armanti and an inspired defensive outing will keep us within 23.

As Coach Moore always says, the team goal at the beginning of each season isn’t to go undefeated or win a national championship – it’s to win the Southern Conference and get in the playoffs. Last year, we won the game of the year but almost failed to reach the playoffs. Regardless of the Michigan win, last season would’ve been a failure if we hadn’t reached the playoffs. So, keep that in perspective this weekend when watching the Apps. We don’t NEED to beat LSU to have a good season. It’d be great, but I’ll trade a loss at LSU in exchange for another national title. I’ll still cheer my heart out on Saturday for our Mountaineers and I’m so excited it’s finally time for football season! Go Apps!

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